Sound Systems

All of our sound equipment is professional level, extremely reliable, and manufactured by well-known names like JBL, Yamaha, Fender, and NuMark. We will always have a back-up system in the unlikely event that a piece of equipment fails or gets damaged on-site.

Our primary sound systems that we use for wedding receptions, parties, and large events provide great sound quality and enough power to rock any party venue!

In addition to the main systems, we also offer smaller portable PA systems that are great for events such as golf tournament starts, public and motivational speakers, event announcements, small pool parties, outdoor wedding ceremonies, etc.

Our large array of microphones include wired professional level, music industry standard microphones for both voice and instruments. We also have a great inventory of wireless microphones including handheld, clip-on, and headset styles for ultimate flexibility–great for public speakers, toast masters, event coordinators, and karaoke.